High Street Wholesale Distributors in London

High Street Wholesale Distributors in London

The term ‘high street’ has its roots in the United Kingdom. The street has existed in Britain for hundreds of years; it is where the business activities are carried out. This article provides a list of stores that deal mostly in wholesale high street fashion. These include high street brands that mass-produce clothes at affordable prices and caters to a broad target audience.



This is a marketplace that exclusively deals with women’s jewelry and clothing. Their products are of premium quality and cheap compared to other wholesale distributors. Wholesale fashion square gets its products from local manufacturers to make the best deals available to their customers. They have one of the largest selections of wholesale clothing for boutique owners.


Most of their items are sold in bundles of six to keep costs down. Wholesale fashion square carry styles for all season and occasions also with tons of their plus size and resort wear in different varieties. Their boutique shopping is flexible as the customer desires.



Lush is well-known for its sweet-smelling products, which you can perceive a mile away from any lush shops. The company refuses to test on animals, and it supports various campaign organizations in line with this. It also uses natural ingredients, and most of its products are made in the United Kingdom. They minimize packaging, and most of their shops sell products package-free. Lush cosmetics was founded in 1995 in Poole, England by Mark Constantine and Liz Weir.



This is a cornerstone of the British high street. It is now a leader in terms of the high street standards, and has been commended for all its commitments to the environment. It is a mainstream supermarket, and it has the best rating in the supply chain of ranking clothes shop guide.


Marks & Sparks (as it is known locally) sell everything, be it food, homewares, furniture, beauty products, and wine. They also have great men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing sections. One of their biggest shops can be found in the heart of Kensington on Kensington high street.




If your choice is trendy, fashionable clothes on a budget, River Island is a high street fashion brand for just that. Its headquarters is situated in London with plenty of other locations in the city. They have clothes for everyone, including men, women, and children. One of their shops is in the Westside shopping mall.



Although it is not super cheap, Barbour is less expensive in the United Kingdom than in America. It is a classic British brand with a very countryside style perfect for both city and country shoppers.



Their clothes are ready-wear, they are not occasion-specific, and they change from season to season. If you are ever in London and in need of trendy fashion items, you can check out these high street brands.