High Street Food Distributors

High Street Food Distributors

A high street is the main commercial and retail street in a town. In big cities, each neighborhood or district will most likely have its high street, which functions as the commercial avenue of the city.

High street food will always remain a significant feature of high street retailing. These food places serve as a hub for chefs, brewers, coffeemakers, bakers, and restaurateurs to bring good food to the populace.  Put simply; high street food is any local food, fast-food, snacks, and related food products you can buy on a typical high street.

Many massive, small stores have been in the business of servicing customers for years, and they continue to stay relevant in this business.

Some of these food distributors include:



A hamburger spot owned by bartenders Abby O’Donnell and Jon Chase, wheelhouse first opened in 2014. The restaurant offers both breakfast and lunch, and it features a variety of burgers, including turkey, lamb, and black bean. The duo was named the best burger place in Boston, 2019.  They shut down their former location to move to Boston High Street food place. The owners also plan to open a fried chicken place called Haley Jane’s in their new location.



The mellow mushroom high street store is more than just pizza and beer. It provides an experience filled with eclectic music, colorful art, and an extensive menu that is food for both the body and the soul. Each mellow mushroom store is locally managed and operated by serving fresh stone-baked pizza to-order and an expansive beer selection. The stores are famous for their quality and friendly service. Each location has a unique vibe and interior design. The mellow mushroom on the high street also has a décor, unlike any other location.



Yogurt time brings customers the finest frozen yogurts, handmade gelatos, and numerous toppings. They keep their customer’s taste buds continually happy with their classic frozen yogurt flavors and recipes. They also serve smoothies, desserts, hot and cold drinks with yummy flavors. Their high street store is located in Phoenix, Arizona.



An Asian food site based in Orlando, Florida. They sell delightful Asian beverages and lots of Asian, Chinese, Malaysian, Tapas, and Thai signature dishes. Mamak has very distinct and robust flavors in their food, particularly in their curry dishes. You can start with their Malaysia Roti, wonton with hot sauce, Seafood Haw fun, or their Malaysia Kari. Their customers swear by these dishes.


Final Words…

From award-winning burgers to topnotch desserts and Asian cuisines that will leave you salivating, these are high street food places you can trust not to disappoint your taste buds.