Top 10 High Street Distributors

Top 10 High Street Distributors

High street retailers have been thrown off balance by online retailers who continue to dominate the conventional high street stores. The retail experience no longer takes place in shops but online. Shoppers are faced with diverse options for purchasing products. Notwithstanding these setbacks, many stores are still on the top of their game in the high street distribution business.


Top high Street Distributors:


A big fast-food franchise, it has high street stores in different locations that sell tasty food, snacks, hot and cold beverages. One of their high street stores is in West Chester high street, Pennsylvania.



This outdoor patio bar is located in Phoenix, Arizona. It is equipped with a tantalizing tapas menu and a chic cocktail lounge. Blue Martini Phoenix is a mix between a sophisticated and fun atmosphere where customers can come to socialize and unwind after a long day. It is a hotspot for both locals and visitors.



Wendy’s is an American international fast food restaurant chain founded by Dave Thomas on November 15 in Columbus, Ohio. In January 2006, the company moved its headquarters to Dublin, Ohio. It has 6,711 locations around the world, many of which are high street and main street store locations.



This is a best-selling premium high street brand on Asos. The success is mostly due to Jane Shepherdson, the influential retail visionary who became chief executive at whistles after eight years as the brand director at Top Shop.



This is a high street food mart and a convenience store that supplies basic needs. It is located in the Olde Town, Portsmouth, Virginia. Olde town food mart was established in 1752.



This sophisticated, fun, and casual wine bar provides you with the ultimate drinking and dining celebration. Their menu consists of a mouth-watering menu of small plates, fresh, zesty salads, homemade pasta, and regular off-menu delicacies prepared by the executive chef.



This store started over 100 years ago in Maine as a supplier of outdoor gears. Now, they are famous for their well-made, adventure clothing, and their distinct hunting boots and shoes.



A subsidiary of Yum brands Inc, taco bell is an American chain of fast-food restaurants based in Irvine, California. The restaurants serve a variety of Mexican and tex-mex foods, including tacos, burritos, and nachos.


Costa was named the favorite high street coffee shop in 2016, Good Housekeeping Food awards. They have bagged the awards consecutively for two years in a roll.

These stores are the best in their various niches. Customers name them as their all-time favorite brands, stores, and restaurants. They cater to the needs of passersby, indigenes, tourists, and other visitors.

High Street Wholesale Distributors in London

High Street Wholesale Distributors in London

The term ‘high street’ has its roots in the United Kingdom. The street has existed in Britain for hundreds of years; it is where the business activities are carried out. This article provides a list of stores that deal mostly in wholesale high street fashion. These include high street brands that mass-produce clothes at affordable prices and caters to a broad target audience.



This is a marketplace that exclusively deals with women’s jewelry and clothing. Their products are of premium quality and cheap compared to other wholesale distributors. Wholesale fashion square gets its products from local manufacturers to make the best deals available to their customers. They have one of the largest selections of wholesale clothing for boutique owners.


Most of their items are sold in bundles of six to keep costs down. Wholesale fashion square carry styles for all season and occasions also with tons of their plus size and resort wear in different varieties. Their boutique shopping is flexible as the customer desires.



Lush is well-known for its sweet-smelling products, which you can perceive a mile away from any lush shops. The company refuses to test on animals, and it supports various campaign organizations in line with this. It also uses natural ingredients, and most of its products are made in the United Kingdom. They minimize packaging, and most of their shops sell products package-free. Lush cosmetics was founded in 1995 in Poole, England by Mark Constantine and Liz Weir.



This is a cornerstone of the British high street. It is now a leader in terms of the high street standards, and has been commended for all its commitments to the environment. It is a mainstream supermarket, and it has the best rating in the supply chain of ranking clothes shop guide.


Marks & Sparks (as it is known locally) sell everything, be it food, homewares, furniture, beauty products, and wine. They also have great men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing sections. One of their biggest shops can be found in the heart of Kensington on Kensington high street.




If your choice is trendy, fashionable clothes on a budget, River Island is a high street fashion brand for just that. Its headquarters is situated in London with plenty of other locations in the city. They have clothes for everyone, including men, women, and children. One of their shops is in the Westside shopping mall.



Although it is not super cheap, Barbour is less expensive in the United Kingdom than in America. It is a classic British brand with a very countryside style perfect for both city and country shoppers.



Their clothes are ready-wear, they are not occasion-specific, and they change from season to season. If you are ever in London and in need of trendy fashion items, you can check out these high street brands.

Top 25 High Street Stockiest

Top 25 High Street Stockiest


Key features that can be identified with a thriving high street store include:

A good selection of products and services

A successful high street store stocks top-notch products. It provides quality service to customers depending on the line of the store’s business.


Great customer service

A successful high street store is characterized by excellent customer service. They have the ability to put a smile on the customer’s face as they walk in and out of the store. This is what their customers come back to patronize them. This is attained by employing and training staff to be as friendly as possible to customers.


Value for money

Customers will always come back to patronize if they are offered good valuable products or services in exchange for their money. A store that provides valuable goods for exorbitant amount is bound to lose customers.


Finding the products, you are looking for with ease.

Customers are always willing to patronize a store that has the product they are searching for regularly. A store that is still out-of-stock will unsurprisingly lose most of its customers.

As the cherry on top, a store should have a free parking space. Many customers state that the provision of free parking space encourages them to visit their local high street stores more often.  Try to emulate these characteristics, and your store might be as successful as the stores listed below.

That being said, here are top 25 high street stockiest stores:

  • CVS Pharmacy: A subsidiary of the retail and health care company CVS health
  • Walgreen Company: It operates as the second-largest pharmacy store chain in the U.S. Walgreens specializes in pharmacy, health, and wellness products.
  • Anthropologie: A clothing retail outlet operating over 200 stores worldwide.
  • Whole Foods Supermarket: A well-known dealer in natural and organic food products.
  • Shoppers True Value Hardware
  • Urban Outfitters; A clothing store
  • Target Grocery Store
  • I bean clothing store
  • Gray True Value Hardware; A tools and hardware specialist
  • Trader’s Joe
  • Kohl’s Department store
  • MACY’s Department store
  • Kroger
  • Applebee’s
  • Chase
  • Family Dollar
  • Rite Aid Pharmacy
  • Lowe’s
  • Dollar General
  • 7-eleven
  • Wendy’s
  • Shell: A gas station and convenience store
  • Burger King: A multinational chain of hamburger fast food restaurants
  • Star Bucks: a corporation of a multinational chain of coffeehouses and roaster.
  • Tasha Apparel: A California based clothing store.


These stores are referred to as the stockiest because they are solid companies, brands that have been in existence for a long time. They continue to serve customers, providing them with the best deals and experiences that will last a lifetime. So, there you have it, these are the 25 top high street stockiest stores in the United States.

High Street Food Distributors

High Street Food Distributors

A high street is the main commercial and retail street in a town. In big cities, each neighborhood or district will most likely have its high street, which functions as the commercial avenue of the city.

High street food will always remain a significant feature of high street retailing. These food places serve as a hub for chefs, brewers, coffeemakers, bakers, and restaurateurs to bring good food to the populace.  Put simply; high street food is any local food, fast-food, snacks, and related food products you can buy on a typical high street.

Many massive, small stores have been in the business of servicing customers for years, and they continue to stay relevant in this business.

Some of these food distributors include:



A hamburger spot owned by bartenders Abby O’Donnell and Jon Chase, wheelhouse first opened in 2014. The restaurant offers both breakfast and lunch, and it features a variety of burgers, including turkey, lamb, and black bean. The duo was named the best burger place in Boston, 2019.  They shut down their former location to move to Boston High Street food place. The owners also plan to open a fried chicken place called Haley Jane’s in their new location.



The mellow mushroom high street store is more than just pizza and beer. It provides an experience filled with eclectic music, colorful art, and an extensive menu that is food for both the body and the soul. Each mellow mushroom store is locally managed and operated by serving fresh stone-baked pizza to-order and an expansive beer selection. The stores are famous for their quality and friendly service. Each location has a unique vibe and interior design. The mellow mushroom on the high street also has a décor, unlike any other location.



Yogurt time brings customers the finest frozen yogurts, handmade gelatos, and numerous toppings. They keep their customer’s taste buds continually happy with their classic frozen yogurt flavors and recipes. They also serve smoothies, desserts, hot and cold drinks with yummy flavors. Their high street store is located in Phoenix, Arizona.



An Asian food site based in Orlando, Florida. They sell delightful Asian beverages and lots of Asian, Chinese, Malaysian, Tapas, and Thai signature dishes. Mamak has very distinct and robust flavors in their food, particularly in their curry dishes. You can start with their Malaysia Roti, wonton with hot sauce, Seafood Haw fun, or their Malaysia Kari. Their customers swear by these dishes.


Final Words…

From award-winning burgers to topnotch desserts and Asian cuisines that will leave you salivating, these are high street food places you can trust not to disappoint your taste buds.

High Street Distributor Directory

High Street Distributor Directory

The media often use “high street” as a metaphor for the retail sector. The “high street” as a sector is struggling at the moment due to high rents, taxes, and online competition.  High street stores deal in a wide variety of products and services. These stores are mainstream shops, banks, and so on that can be found on the streets in contrast to more specialized shops and services.



Paying attention to customer service

Online operations frustrate many customers. They prefer to use physical locations when they need help. Reforming your customer service will induce shoppers to visit your high street store more often. Many customers admit that helpful shop assistants encourage them to spend more time and money in the store.


More careful planning

Every square foot counts, local retailers need to reduce their size footprint. They should carry fewer products, replace or rotate under-performing products SKUs.


Specialization in a niche product

Niche retailers will need to offer something unique to beat online retailers. It could be locally based, exotic, or gourmet products. Large companies will not be able to provide the experience of providing a homemade feeling that small high street stores offer.


High street distributors’ directory:


They offer essential and iconic fashion items for women, men, and kids. It is currently an online-only retailer but a former brick-and-mortar store operator in Los Angeles.



You get great styles for great prices at Gap Factory. It is a San Francisco-based retailer of garments with the banana republic, Old Navy, and Athleta brands as its subsidiaries.


This is a scholastically-styled brand that is not afraid to experiment with colors. The brand is a little pricey, but it’s worth it as there is no better brand on this side of the street for classic, gorgeous clothes and shoes. Their women attires like pencil skirts, and ballet pumps are the lady’s favorite, and guys absolutely love their perfect skinny suits.



They offer the best pet supplies. Petsmart is an American retail chain operating in the United States and Canada. They sell specialty pet animal products such as food, furniture, accessories, and provide pet-related services.



Sephora is a French multinational chain of personal care and beauty stories featuring nearly 3000 brands. Sephora is a beauty empire that built from scratch. The company continues to flourish and survive the merciless retail climate that has led to the closure of many retail stores. This empire keeps expanding across the globe and has many high street stores.



It is a privately held restaurant franchise that sells submarine sandwiches and salads. With over 41,512 locations in more than 100 countries, Subway is one of the fastest-growing franchises in the world.

Top High Street Stockiest

Top High Street Stockiest

A brand can be described as ‘stocky’ when the business is solidly built on good values, great products, excellent customer service, and it can boast of a booming business. These brands also cultivate profitable partnerships to enhance their business and use personalization to attract and maintain loyal customers.



People in the UK use the term the high street the way Americans use the phrase Main Street. These high street stores sell from fast foods to clothes, hardware, groceries, drugs, domestic utilities, and other essentials. You might also find a greengrocer, an old-fashioned butcher shop, beverage shops, real estate agent, and a bakery on a high street.



High street rents are usually the highest for businesses in the town, so you are unlikely to find small, quirky shops for collectibles. Unless they are part of a big national chain, you probably won’t find many fast food outlets. Only big food distribution outlets like 7-Eleven, Macdonalds, Taco Bell have high street stores around the nation.



You are probably already familiar with most of these brands, and if not, they are high street brands that you will absolutely love once you purchase them.



This is a multinational lifestyle retail corporation headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The company is a portfolio of global consumer brands. Some of the company’s brands and subsidiaries are; Anthropologie, Free people, and Terrain. Urban Outfitters is a lifestyle retailer dedicated to inspiring customers through a unique combination of product, originality, and cultural awareness.



Zara operates more than 2,200 stores in 93 markets worldwide, with about 85 of them in the United States. Zara clothing offers the latest trends. The company specializes in fast fashion, and products include clothing, accessories, shoes, swimwear, beauty, and perfumes, the largest company of its parent group, Inditex group. The store was first opened in 1975 by Amancio Ortega.



A well-cut basic mega-chain store. They have locations in Europe, North Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.



Macdonald’s was founded in 1955 by Richard and Maurice McDonald. It is a very lucrative fast-food franchise with a different tasty menu. They’re headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with other locations around the world. Macdonald’s restaurants are found in 120 countries and territories around the world, and they serve 68 million customers each day. McDonald’s operates 37,855 restaurants worldwide, employing more than 210,000 people in a year.



The high street retail is said to be experiencing a downturn, but these stores continue to beat the odds. By emulating the convenience and price benefits that online shopping provides, these brick-and-mortar retailers are better qualified to tackle online market places and retailers.

High Street Distributor List

High Street Distributor List

Ever since the Edwardian era, when high street shopping became more affluent, product choice and customer service have significantly increased. The term “High Street” is used to describe stores found on the high street to differentiate them from specialized, exclusive, and expensive outlets.


High Street fashion is one of the notable perks of the high street concept. The clothing associated with these brands is made with suitable quality materials, trendy fashion statements, high volume manufacture at affordable prices. High street fashion can be found anywhere. It refers to clothing you can purchase on the high street in ordinary towns or cities.



Small towns usually have convenience stores and pubs on their high street. These stores sell basic groceries and over the counter remedies. In bigger cities, you will find chemists or pharmacies, convenience stores, and hardware stores. You might also find old fashioned, service-oriented food shops, bakeries, and greengrocer selling fruits and vegetables.  Clothing shops, real estate agents, banks, coffee shops, and gift shops are also lined up on the high street.



The following stores are high street distributors who mostly feature in fashion, food, and the likes.


The structure of this company makes it one of the most progressive shops on the high street. The partnership is an employee-owned business with the workers sharing in company profits and having a say in how the market is run.



Lush is a global specialty beauty retailer. The company sells handmade cosmetics for bath, body, hair, and skincare. They have 931 freestanding shops and malls locations in 49 countries, of which 250 are located in North America and 200 in the United States. The company was founded in 1995. The ambition of the company is ethical, environmentally-friendly, and fair business.



WH Smith is a top-notch bookseller. The store scored the best rating in the ‘Alternative to Amazon’ bookshop guide for its environmental reporting and supply chain management. While the company might not be upfront about its ethics, it takes social and environmental responsibility seriously.



The co-op sells everything from food to electrical. They now have food stores in most town centers. Rather than shareholders, they are owned by an active member and have a stable internal democracy. They released a co-operative way action plan which set out their latest commitments to tackling many issues, including climate change and waste.


High street shopping is slowing in pace, but it is not disappearing any time soon. Many customers will continue to patronize high street stores as long as their favorite stores are opened, and as long as there are demands, high street stores will continue to deliver.

High Street Supplies and Equipment

High Street Supplies and Equipment

Supplies and equipment are necessary for any customer service business, and the high street distribution business is not any different. Supplies are any fixture, furniture, mechanical or electric appliances that are used to furnish an establishment in a bid to creating a better experience for the people who frequent the place. Supplies and equipment can be used interchangeably, and in the store business, they usually refer to the same things. The importance of these materials cannot be over-emphasized.



These are some of the supplies and equipment that every high street store needs.



Retail stores stock rooms need essential equipment like trashcans and bags, pricing guns, tagging gun and labeler, box cutters, brooms, mops, and other cleaning equipment. A vital sign like the wet floor sign is also required for the safety of customers and staff.



A well-stocked sales floor consists of a cash register, shopping bags of various sizes, shopping carts and baskets, a sound security system, shelving racks, hangers, inventory supplies, and open and close signs. These are needed for the efficiency of the business.



Break room equipment is based on the type of products you sell. If you operate a beverage or food store, the essentials are a coffee pot, filters, refrigerator, microwave, storage lockers, among others.



They are needed to display goods for ease and comfort of the customer when shopping.



These equipment are for your personal use and that of your staff. Basics equipment like a filing cabinet, safe, computer, printer, scanner, landline telephone, and supplies like a pen, paper, staplers, and paper clips belong in the office.

These equipment are a must-have in your store. If you run out of these supplies or you never purchased them in the first place, your business will be inconvenienced. Customers notice the thought that store owners put into buying these supplies, and they prefer to patronize a store that has these supplies for their convenience.


The best way to keep your high street business booming is to make sure that you purchase these supplies and restock before you run out of them. Of course, the kind of supplies you stock depends on the type of products you sell in your store. Many distributors specialize in delivering quality equipment to high street stores like yours. You can innovate by purchasing refreshing, useful material that will provide a better shopping experience for your customers.


In case you have concerns and questions, an experienced consultant would go a long way in providing tips to address your store’s inadequacies. You can hire a consultant if it is within your budget. If not, you are still good to go.

How to find High Street Distributors

How to find High Street Distributors

The phrase “high street” is applied to the top of the line goods and clothing that are available for budget-minded shoppers. High street stores sell different products ranging from food, clothes, household items, hardware.

However, they are mostly known for their clothing, which is termed “high street fashion.”  High street fashion may be made with very high standards and decent, quality materials. Still, its high quantity manufacture and sale reduces its exclusivity. High street fashion can be found anywhere. It is available in big department stores, out-of-town malls, chain stores, and other independent local shops.



As medieval towns grew alongside main routes, so did lodgings and possibilities of sales presented to passersby. The name “high street” soon became the name of urban roads containing shops and hence the main retail centers of a town. People refer to shopping on the high street when they mean the main retail precinct. It can also be taken to mean a specific street carrying the name of a high street or one of its variants.


High street brands are so-called because they are mass-produced, and they pay no credit to a specific designer. These brands have design teams that work together on their seasonal fashion items or collections. High street fashion originated from the UK. It means clothes that you could buy on your average UK Street.



Only one or two generations of people who live in close proximity to town centers still shop on the high street every day. The younger generations rarely visit the stores and will prefer to find things online. Online shopping sometimes provides better deals than the typical high street.


High street stores also have overhead costs like paying rents, taxes, staff salaries, keeping the heating and AC on, among other things. All these costs come out of their little or no profits. Even massive stores are not spared of this domino effect, which has led many of them to merge. The combination of unrealistically high rents, lack of customers, packing restrictions, and the growth of online trade has created a massive backlash to high street stores. There are speculations that High street and Main Street on both sides of the Atlantic will eventually disappear, and shopping will be delivered to customers by drones.



With a few changes in the business strategy of high street stores, they can reclaim the glory days of their booming business and customers. One of these strategies is creating an online platform. By replicating the convenience and price benefits that online shopping store offers customers, typical retail stores are better equipped to compete against the former.

High Street Stockiest Distributors

High Street Stockiest Distributors

According to historian Juliet Gardiner, The high street was born in the Victorian age, in the 1860s and the 70s. Market stalls became shops with a fixed process because people struggled to grow food themselves because of the advent of civilization. At first, high street shopping referred to buying food and other necessities; however, clothing was later introduced.

High street shopping had gained a lot of popularity. Still, it wasn’t until the Edwardian times that the empire grew larger. Products and customer service rose higher in quality, and the customers needed somewhere to be, hence the initiation of tea shops and department stores. High street fashion remains trendy, and many distributors are always available to fulfill the customers’ needs.

Are you looking for high street distributors that would provide you with first-class merchandise? Then you have come to the right place. Here are some stockiest high street distributors in the market.


Here, quality is vital. You will only find branded goods in this store. Their price is also pocket friendly despite having premium quality products. Massive profits can be made by retailers who buy from them to resell. These distributors deal with the latest, trendy designs and stylish wears.

Asides from clothing, they also offer beautiful jewelry, shoes, beauty products, and more from their catalog of over 4000 SKUs. CC wholesale clothing started with just one retail store 15 years ago, and gradually their business thrived. They closed the retail business in 2010 to focus entirely on wholesale. They offer standard US sizes and also plus-size apparel.


This brand was founded in 1976 by Lucille and Richard Lewin.  It stocks trendy, office-friendly smart dresses with high fashion architectural clothes. They make fashion-forward, aesthetic clothes. Whistles are your go-to store for contemporary women fashion and accessories. The store is a subsidiary of the Foschini group.


Miss Selfridge initially began as the young offshoot of legendary department store Selfridge. This clothing store deals in on-trend pieces in appealing prints and fabric. Their design teams monitor trendy outfits on the runways and make out wearable and affordable alternatives. Their clothes are available in different US sizes. The company is a nationwide high street store founded in 1966.


Yes, high street stores have fierce competition in the form of massive malls and online shopping; however, it is still a medium of shopping for lots of people. For instance, many women prefer the option of online cloth shopping above physically visiting stores due to their busy schedules or laziness.

However, many others still enjoy the feeling of being able to touch, see, and try on clothes they wish to buy. It is an enjoyable hobby that might never go extinct.